Letting It All Out Or Holding It All In – Is There a Middle Ground?

We have all at some time felt angry or felt the effects of someone else’s anger. It is normal to feel anger, but the cheap customized packaging comes when we express that anger inappropriately. Our feelings can be as simple as just a little irritation or it can manifest itself as full blown outbursts, which in some cases can even lead to us becoming violent. We become angry sometimes at people who have wronged us, or have not done what we want them to do. We become angry at situations, someone cutting us off in traffic or going to a meeting and having to wait an hour for everyone else. We even become angry at ourselves sometimes when we find it hard to stick to a plan or when we keep doing something that we know will hurt us. Our frustration develops into anger.

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Lcrox We are affected physically and emotionally by our anger. It is even a social cheap customized packaging , when our anger turns itself outwards to others, to the detriment of society as a whole.
Our physical symptoms may include increased heartbeat, clenched fists, sweating, trembling and we may develop a monster headache if we become overly emotional or if we hold in our feelings to the point where we become very tense. The emotional effects of anger are our lashing out at others, becoming vengeful, experiencing a high level of anxiety and in some cases when that anger is turned inward, we may develop a form of depression.

We ask ourselves, why are our youth stabbing each other in the school yard? Why do some people react so explosively to being criticized, why do people some cheap customized packaging rant and rave behind you because you choose not to run the light that just turned red? Why do some persons go quiet and give you the silent treatment every time you disagree with them? There are many reasons why people get angry. Anger is a learned emotion. Some persons grew up in a home where the adults expressed themselves in an angry and violent manner constantly. Now don’t get me wrong, we all express justified righteous indignation at some point, and it may even be healthy to express our opinion strongly on some occasions, but it is dysfunctional if every disagreement in the home is dealt with using expletives or fists. Some persons just let it all out. Some of us seem to be naturally more ‘hotheaded’ than others. Our temperament is of such, that at the slightest provocation, we lash out. We have a low tolerance for frustration. Some people will tell you outright, that they have no patience with certain things or certain types of people.

With some folks, the problem is inadequate coping skills. They understandably get upset for whatever cheap customized packaging , but have no idea how to cope with any unwanted emotion, they have never learnt any alternate ways of dealing with whatever bothers them, so they become angry and or frustrated and either clam up, or have an outburst. What about unrealistic expectations of ourselves or others? Some of us may walk around with feelings of entitlement and grandiosity expect others to think and act like we do and when they don’t, we become annoyed. Not all expressions of anger are explosive though; although those are the ones we most recognize and acknowledge as anger, some persons go to the other extreme.

We have the folks who hold it in. They were taught to be ‘seen and not heard’, they never developed that strong self of self that tells them they have certain rights, they are afraid of being disliked or they might be afraid of losing control. These persons when they become angry, they make a concentrated effort to suppress their cheap customized packaging, to the point where sometimes they do not even recognize that they are doing it. They give the silent treatment and then feel proud of themselves for being the quiet one, not realizing the damage that they are doing to the relationship. They withdraw emotionally and otherwise. In a marriage setting, the angry spouse might not yell or curse, but might withhold finances, withhold affection and even withhold sex from their partner, purely as a result of their anger. This form of anger although seeming less dangerous, can become quite a problem, when the person, experiences the proverbial last straw, and does something really out of character.

Then we have the cheap customized packaging who manage their anger, which should be the goal of us all. These persons understand that anger is not always bad, in fact in many instances it has been a catalyst for change. Think of our forefathers who got angry and fought for change, think of someone who stands up to an abuser and demands that they stop. Some anger is necessary and appropriate. Even Jesus got angry at persons selling in the Temple and beat them out. So understanding that some anger is okay, we therefore have to look at the reasons for our anger to determine if it is justified, and if it is, make efforts to manage the expression of that anger.

At this point, I would like to reiterate that when you are angry, the best approach is to express it appropriately. You may do it immediately, or you may prefer to wait until you can do it in a calm and objective manner. We should all get into the cheap customized packaging of learning to communicate our feelings before they get out of control.

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First of all, try to understand what is really making you cheap customized packaging . Is it because your spouse never helps with the kids and you are always feeling pressured to do everything alone? If your anger seems justified to you, then be sure to tell the offender before how it makes you feel when he or she does whatever it is they do. When you know what angers you and what your triggers are, then you can be prepared for it. Communicate to those close to you when you are calm. For example, “it really upsets me when you correct me in front of others”, or “I do not like when you use my stuff without my permission”. Let the person know it is their behavior rather than them which offends you. Focus on the problem and not the person.


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