Who Are We to Judge? Judge Not

Where do all the loving hearts go when all china mink lashes factory of hatred abound?

china mink lashes factory
china mink lashes factory

Where do all our humanity go when beliefs tearing us apart?

Where do all our sanity go when brazen lies growing wide?

Lcrox Where do all our “saintly” go when each one is afraid to empathize?



In the hole of stupidity we go-lest we mend our ways, folks!

How could we love ourselves so much, but hate others at the same time?

Could love abound in our china mink lashes factory and hate dwell as well?

Would it not be possible to love and love — for love sake?

Have we bought all the rights in the world; hoarding it all for our selfish ends?

Have we not seen the worst of our biases or prejudices or indifference-and all towards others?

Could we be a little wiser to hold our tongue for a little while?

Or, would we rather shove our bible right onto their faces, brandishing our perfection-big time?

Just because others have different beliefs from ours’, sin differently

So we thought we’re holier-than-thou?


Do we think others deserve this kind of treatment from our kind?

And have all the rights in the world stumping on their feet, crumpling their hearts and ignoring their plight?

Have we tried putting ourselves on their shoes? Or, even led their lives full of contempt from self-righteous neighbors?

Have we not thought why there have been china mink lashes factory , conflicts, wars and pestilence since time immemorial?

Ignorance, friends, is the culprit of which our kind perpetuates.

Being educated ones, we must be free of such, and be models of enlightenment, compassion, calmness, and you -know- what.


What a lovely day it would be, if we live –and let live

Minding our own business, respecting other’s rights, beliefs, cultures and all-amazing right?

Now, could we hear their plea and stop bashing people not of our own kind?

And just try, even a little, to china mink lashes factory

Or, should schools be blamed for not teaching kids to listen well.

For now some have grown into bullies, imposing their own beliefs on others, lest others become willing unsuspecting victims, thinking they are a bunch of walking dead?


Love unconditionally is key, er, the only way for us all to survive…

Where no one ever feels less — or more –compared to others

Society gets unfair once it is not accommodating the needs of each single one member worthy of respect.

There should never be a china mink lashes factory, nor a minority thingy-instead let there be one communal living manifesting brotherhood.

Well, would it be too much to ask? We will perish lest we do not want to repeat flaws of history.

We’re in the 21st century now. How come many of us are still trapped in narrow-mindedness and all?


Diversity is key. Respect is just but one door.

Open our minds and hearts.

Let sanity come in.

Listen to understand.

Speak not to win an argument.

Speak not to hurt more a bleeding heart or confuse more a fuzzy mind.

Seek wisdom before we open our china mink lashes factory, and not letting our flesh lashing double-edge sword destroying peace and sanity.

Such things could surely spell a big difference towards harmony, or, at least, co-existence.

Humanity is doomed when humans become inhumane.

Our Great Maker won’t acknowledge us as Children when everything and everyone becomes useless, worthless, and has come to an evil END.

Therefore, judge not!

Larry Icabandi Nabiong:

china mink lashes factory
china mink lashes factory

Author is a grade school teacher in the china mink lashes factory, with twenty plus years in teaching; have attended varied seminars in reading, language, mentoring, K-12, Mother Tongue, and other subject areas; has been resource speaker, demo-teacher, mentor and more… all in the name of quality education.


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