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How to Prevent Wrinkles Around Your Eye

Before lubricating your eye area, you need to thoroughly remove your eye makeup. It is important to remove your eye makeup every night with utmost care. Always use special eye makeup remover, rather than soap, which is too drying. false eyelashes makeup remover comes in liquid, gel and cream forms and in oily and not oily formulas. I prefer the not oily kind for regular use because it is not greasy and if you accidentally get some in your eye; it will not blue your vision. Also, it is wonderfully handy to have around for repairing eye makeup mistakes.

false eyelashes
false eyelashes

Lcrox A cotton bud clipped in eye makeup remover can erase unwanted dots of mascara or eyeshadow like magic without ruining the rest of your makeup. If you are removing waterproof mascara, you will need to purchase one of the oily formulas specifically for waterproof mascara. Any false eyelashes makeup remover should not sting. If it does, it undoubtedly contains an ingredient to which you are sensitive, so switch to another brand.

To use eye makeup remover, dab a small amount on a cotton wool ball, wipe downward on your upper lid, and then across under your lower false eyelashes, from the outside corner in. Do not saturate the cotton wool, or you can wash makeup into your eyes.

After you have completely removed your eye makeup, you are ready to lubricate the skin around your eyes. Eye creams vary from heavy ointments to lightweight cream and gels, and are formulated for all skin types. The ointments are better for night because they are a bit sticky, while the lighter weight products can be worn even under makeup. Look for a formula containing vitamin E, an excellent natural lubricant.

To apply eye cream, use your fourth finger. It is the weakest so you will not stretch or pull your skin. Gently pat a tiny amount of cream along your orbital bone. Do not apply the cream too close to your false eyelashes, as the warmth of your body can make it melt and spread into your eye. Use eye cream twice a day following moisturiser.

If your eyes are red and puffy from allergies, too much sleep, or even from crying, you also might want to try one of the wonderful new eye gels designed specifically to combat puffiness. These gels reduce the accumulation of water under and around the eyes and leave them feeling cool and refreshed. You simply pat the gel on the puffy area before you apply eye cream.

false eyelashes
false eyelashes

Create a skin care regimen chart, summarising the steps for your false eyelashes type. You might like to consider lining up your products in order on your dressing table or wherever you will keep them and number them with stickers or a marking pen. Spend some time reading labels, remember what came after what and after a few days of practice, you will know your routine by heart. In a few weeks time, you will really see a difference in your beautiful skin.


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