The Trumps of Beauty – Seven Steps of Makeup

What a wonderful feeling when we are the focus because of our beauty! Nowadays, for charming girls, how to use fast delivery customized packaging is one of the most essential skills that we must know well.

fast delivery customized packaging
fast delivery customized packaging

Lcrox Some professional beauticians indicate that fast delivery customized packaging is a magic weapon and consist of seven steps. What matters most is that they advise us to smooth moisturizer on our clean faces before we put on cosmetics. It’s beneficial for the following make-up and our faces will look sparking and transparent, otherwise the faces may be very dry and even peeling.

The first step of make-up is to spread on foundation cream. It’s important and better not to skip it. We can point some soybean-sized foundation cream in our faces and make it uniform. It is worth notice that we shouldn’t use it much. To some girls with spots on faces, green and blue foundation cream has the good function of covering, while the purple is fit for people with yellow skin in the East, and the transparent make-up needs white.

The second step is to put foundation fast delivery customized packaging on our faces. The method is same as that mentioned in the first step, but the dosage is twice as much as the foundation cream. Furthermore we should make the boundary between forehead and hair look natural, avoiding the make-up found out in the first sight.

For some persons with minor spots on faces, the third step of fast delivery customized packaging is important. In order to hide spots and small pox, we can put on some Cream concealer to the spots and around them with a small brush, lest the foundation cream on our faces is too thick. In addition, painting some to one-third of the nose between the eyebrows and under the eyes can hide dark pouches and raise the face’s brightness.

If the appearance has reached to ideal effect after above steps, it’s tolerable to leave out the fourth step and go on to the fifth step. If not, we’d better to dab our cheeks with pressed powder pancake and a powder-puff, and the exposed places of our heads are also need. Pay attention to make it uniform so that we will look more energetic.

Afterwards, the fifth step is to dust with the loose powder to perfect the face. Dust with a few loose powder to the face and pay attention to the boundary between the face and neck.

Then the next step is about eye fast delivery customized packaging. Firstly, the trim of eyebrows is important. For the first time, it’s better to go to a professional place to trim the eyebrows, and then we can do it by ourselves according to the shaped appearance. Even more, decorating them with brow brush and brow power will make the eyebrows look much more natural.

Secondly, selecting the color of eye-shadow can be on the basis of different color of cloth. And when painting the eye-shadow, we should deal well with the transition of the color. For example, in order to paint pink eye-shadow, we need painting light powder around the whole eye socket, then deepening the color near the eyelashes. After everything is over, in the sake of achieving the three-dimensional effect, it’s necessary to put a layer of white loose powder on the bridge of the nose and the brow ridge.

Thirdly, if hoping to make fast delivery customized packaging look brighter and much more charming, beautiful eye-liner is need, though some girls are not willing to wear it. Painting the eye-liner at the midpoint of the open spaces among eyelashes’ roots and using white eye-liner pencil to paint the below eye-liner, this will let our eyes look quite natural and big.

The last step is about the decoration of lips. Many people think that we don’t need to wear lipstick for our youth. But wearing lipstick can increase our charm.

After putting on lipstick, spreading on some lip gloss at the middle of the lips and then close your lips lightly, the effect will be much better than putting on the lip gloss on the whole lips.

fast delivery customized packaging
fast delivery customized packaging

In a word, the seven steps of fast delivery customized packaging are the trumps to realize the dream of beauty. Hurry up, ladies! We can become pretty girls so long as we take action!

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