What Time Should I Start Getting Ready on My Wedding Day?

I have seen a few major disasters over my time. One of the worst was a bride who was adamant she had to be ready super early and became so bored she decided to wash her mouth out with mouth wash and lovely 3d real mink lashes it down the front of her raw silk dress!!! YES, YOU GUESSED IT, THE MOUTH WASH WAS GREEN!!!!…… Yes…..that’s right…….the dress was ivory….. Let’s just say the flowers didn’t leave her hands all day!

lovely 3d real mink lashes
lovely 3d real mink lashes

Lcrox Situations like this stick in my mind when I find out the photographer wants the bride ready very early. I think a lot comes down to not knowing what it is like to be a bride. With some photographers it may even come down to the number of hours they are booked for, and they know, if they come to the house earlier, they get to leave the reception earlier.

The best thing to think about is which photos are the most important to you as professional photos? Do you want to have an album made up of before photos? Or an album made up of you and your guests? While getting ready on the morning of your big day you and your bridesmaids can take your own photos of each other getting your hair and lovely 3d real mink lashes done. I once had a bride tell me not to let the photographer get a photo of her without her false eyelashes on. As I understood her concerns I went about blocking the photographer every time he tried to lean over my shoulder, he wouldn’t stop so I told him to wait until I was done. This particular photographer (no names) become rude towards me, but once he left the room, I told the bride that it was better towards me than her! Her friends would of understood she didn’t want those ones as wedding photos, or at least delete unflattering photos.

The bottom line is, what memories are you paying for?

As hair and lovely 3d real mink lashes artists, we work with your photographers start time. I suggest not to have your photographer arrive more than 1.5hrs before you need to leave. This allows time for you to get photos getting into your dress, half an hour of shots with your bridesmaids and the rest of the time getting in the car.

The hairstylist needs between 30-90mins per style, this really depends on the style and the person’s hair. The make up artists need 20-40mins per person. The hair stylist and lovely 3d real mink lashes artist will discuss timing with you at the trial and will decide a start time once they know what time you need to be ready and what sort of styles you require on your wedding day.

REMEMBER: It is your special day. Relax, smile and glow….

lovely 3d real mink lashes
lovely 3d real mink lashes

If you’re in Melbourne and you will want to find stylists that are based near where you live. A local business directory will help you to identify Melbourne’s hair and lovely 3d real mink lashes artists, so you can make an informed decision.

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