Semi Permanent Makeup – What is it and is it Safe?

It is becoming all the rage now, you see it on celebrities in the media all the time but you really need to find out as much as you can about Semi Permanent mink false lashes wholesale before you have it done yourself. It is often referred to as ‘semi’ permanent but as you will discover here it should be considered a permanent treatment.

mink false lashes wholesale
mink false lashes wholesale

Lcrox Also known as Permanent Cosmetics or Cosmetic Tattooing and it is a procedure whereby small particles of natural colour pigment are tattooed just below the top layer of mink false lashes wholesale, a sterilized needle will be used to perform the treatment and the result will be perfectly applied make up that never runs, or smudges. The treatment is medially proven to be safe but you must ensure that a professionally trained technician carries out the treatments.

The treatment produces perfectly applied make up that lasts for years.

What Permanent Cosmetic treatments are available? There are many treatments available but the most popular ones are:

– Full Lip Colouring
– Lip Liner Definition
– Eyebrow Enhancement
– Eyeliner
– mink false lashes wholesale Enhancement

mink false lashes wholesale
mink false lashes wholesale

The procedures are available for men and women and the mink false lashes wholesale can be as natural and subtle as you like, or you can go for a more vibrant and dramatic look if you desire. As this is a permanent treatment you need to think carefully about the look you require as it wont fade for a number of years and when it does fade it will not fade completely.

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