Parenting Through Transitions – The Secret to Managing Transition in Your Home

Do you struggle with transition? Do your kids? I think that for the most part, new real fur eyelashes label more naturally and easily adapt to transition than their parents. As adults, many of us resist change, making some transitions more painful than they need to be.

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Lcrox Think about it: Have you ever had to introduce a big change into your child’s new real fur eyelashes label? Starting school is one of those changes that we’ve all had to experience or will experience with our kids one day. Who had the harder time, you or your child?

I think many of us worry that our children will struggle, that the transition will be hard for them. Yet, when you look back on these transitions, most of the time I bet your child managed just fine.

Children tend to be more flexible than we give them credit for; adults more resistant. This to me says that new real fur eyelashes label is learned as we grow. And I believe that it is not taught consciously by parents, but that resistance is learned because it is modeled by the parent. It is learned because that is how many parents live their lives.

How can we release our own resistance to life’s many transitions, so that we can model what it means to “go with the flow”? If we could live life with a “take it as it comes” attitude, wouldn’t we increase our ability to deal with transitions with an abundance of ease and grace?

One of the practices I have been following to release new real fur eyelashes label and live in the flow of life, is to pay attention to my feelings when things become difficult. In fact, this is the basis of the teachings contained in the books by Esther Hicks.

What I have learned from these teachings is the importance of tuning into how you are feeling, and then finding a thought that brings a feeling of relief.

For example, if you have just lashed out at your child, and you now feel guilty, a thought that might bring you some relief would be “I haven’t lashed out as much recently, and I am taking some positive steps to help me respond more calmly in the future.” If that is indeed true, then that thought would give you a sense of relief about the situation, would it not? It won’t necessarily take you from feeling guilty to feeling joyful, but the sense of relief that you feel is, in its essence, a shifting to resistance about the situation.

The more you can tune into your new real fur eyelashes label and search for thoughts that feel better, the more natural this will become, and therefore the less resistance you will hold.

For a number of months now, whenever I experience negative emotions, I have been using this process of noticing my feelings and then finding thoughts that feel better. And I have to say that doing so played a huge role in my ability to keep myself together when I was going through a rough patch last spring. It helped me find the positive perspective that I needed to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I strongly recommend practicing this new real fur eyelashes label next time you find yourself in a challenging situation, such as a life transition. Not only will you feel better, but you will model how to deal with life’s challenges in a positive, less resistant way.

new real fur eyelashes label
new real fur eyelashes label

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