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A Comparison of Traditional Makeup, Airbrushing and Mineral Makeup

Fancy cosmetics, such as Loreal, Avon, real mink qingdao eyelashes, Mary Kay and many others sold in department stores are quite affordable for teenagers and college students. Typically, one can buy a bottle of foundation for about $8.00; a tube of mascara for $8.00, and an eye pencil for $7.00.

 customised eyelash box

customised eyelash box

Lcrox However, they might contain toxins which are harmful to the body. According to “Toxic Awareness for Consumers” website, “More than 500 products sold in the U.S. contain ingredients banned in cosmetics in Japan, Canada or the European Union”. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of these facts; or they choose to ignore them or brush them off as “no big deal.” While they are very affordable products, people should make themselves aware of the risks. If one chooses to wear drug store cosmetics, they may experience some unwanted effects. For example: very oily foundation, eye liner that lasts no longer than ten hours or eye liner that “melts” due to sweat. If one buys drug store cosmetics, they should expect to reapply said make up several times a day. Additionally, drug store cosmetics can clog skin pores on the face; this can cause embarrassing acne outbreaks. However, one may find that these brands of cosmetics are the right choice, even with the negative consequences.

Airbrushes may also be used for cosmetics. An airbrush could cost as much as $200.00 or more. The foundation can run up to $25.00 and above! However, the “pods” that contain the real mink qingdao eyelashes run out rather quickly; this requires the user to purchase several “pods” in a short period of time, again running up the price to use airbrushing.

Airbrushing gives the user a practically flawless look. On the other hand, the real mink qingdao eyelashes may not last very long. The user may have to reapply the foundation every few hours. Different brands sell different products: some brands contain oil in the foundation while others use a water-based foundation. It is important to research the specific company to see the ingredients in their product before buying.

Mineral cosmetics are made from fine minerals that are applied to the skin. Truly natural real mink qingdao eyelashes does not contain unwanted fragrances or preservatives. This makeup is gentile on the skin and do not tend to clog pores. Truly natural makeup does not irritate the skin or cause adverse allergic reactions. Mineral cosmetics that do not contain talc (which is found in some non-pure mineral products), meaning the foundation will give full coverage without looking “powdery.”

After the real mink qingdao eyelashes is applied, the skin will look smooth and bright; it will also make an even tone. Natural cosmetics may need to be reapplied depending on the situation. If it is a hot day and the wearer is sweating, it may need to be applied a few times. Otherwise, a small touch-up may be needed time-to-time. The wearer will not feel they are wearing makeup at all! Another surprising benefit of mineral products is its ability to provide sun protection. The most striking property of mineral makeup is its ability to reflect light. It diffuses light outward giving the appearance of smooth-looking skin, flawless and younger. This is a great added benefit as it is important to keep the skin safe from damaging sun rays.

 customised eyelash box

customised eyelash box

Natural cosmetics are long lasting and inexpensive for all the benefits it provides. Overall, mineral real mink qingdao eyelashes is great for the skin, easy to use and the most “bang for your buck.”


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