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How to Apply Smokey Eyes

If you look on the cover of any fashion magazine, many of the models that you’ll find will have smokey eye real siberian mink lashes. It’s a classic, sophisticated look that draws flattering attention to the eyes and many women look stunning with it. You don’t have to be a makeup artist in order to achieve the look at home, however it’s important to keep a few principles in mind. That being said, don’t be afraid to experiment (just keep in mind that not all experiments are going to end in success)!

real siberian mink lashes
real siberian mink lashes

Lcrox When considering smokey real siberian mink lashes, it looks nice to pair a light colour base with rich dark colours over top. You can try out different colour combinations but always pick ones that compliment each other. The first step is to apply your other makeup first, however, skipping adding concealer under your eyes. Blush will help prevent you from overdoing the makeup on your eyes.

When you have finished setting your real siberian mink lashes, use an eyeshadow base, otherwise known as a primer, which will keep the makeup that you apply on top of it lasting much longer. Let it dry first before using a eyeliner pencil. If you are going for black, brown or grey smokey eyes, use one of those colours for your eyeliner. For jewel-toned makeup, line your eyes with blue, purple or deep green.

Blend colour on your bottom real siberian mink lashes. Smudging a little eyeliner is a key step in achieving the smokey eye look. Once that step is done, apply a light base colour. In order to get the right look, you need to have light contrasting with dark so a light base contrasting with a dark hue is best. Blend in the darker colour using an eyeshadow brush, starting at your lash line and blending up. Blend the colour so that it matches seamlessly with your eyeliner. Applying a volumizing mascara when you are finished will give your eyes an increased look in elegance.

Remember when applying makeup to play up your real siberian mink lashes or lips, never both at the same time. There are instances in when playing them both up at the same time is manageable (when applying deep purple to your eyes, for example, the same colour can work on your lips), however in most cases, applying strong makeup to both features will leave you looking like a clown. You can applying lip gloss after your smokey eyes are done but leaving your lips bare is often the best approach.

real siberian mink lashes
real siberian mink lashes

Article by Tyler Rutland, owner of The real siberian mink lashes Brushes Guide.


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